‘Why Romney Lost’ Explained In New eBook From Newsweek

Newsweek didn’t waste any time releasing David Frum’s latest eBook about the 2012 presidential election. While ballots are still being counted in Florida, the magazine publisher and digital publishing company Vook used technology to get the title Why Romney Lost to digital bookshelves while the subject is still on the public’s mind.

They released the title in a matter of days and it has already shot up the charts. The eBook is currently the No.1 book on Amazon for U.S. Politics and its the No. 2  top paid eBooks in politics & current events on iTunes. The book is $4.99 from iTunes and $3.99 from Amazon.

Here is more about the eBook from its description: “In Why Romney Lost (A Newsweek ebook in partnership with Vook) David Frum, a former George W. Bush speechwriter, delivers a forthright analysis that offers a bold, hopeful plan for Republican success in the years ahead. David Frum urges a Republican party that is culturally modern, economically inclusive, and environmentally responsible—a party that can meet the challenges of the Obama years and lead a diverse America to a new age of freedom and prosperity.”