Why Mobile Developers Should Look to Android for the Future: Businessweek & Robert Scoble's Thoughts

In what seems, at first, a paradox, Businessweek reports there is a greater demand for Android developers than iOS (iPhone, iPad).
Google’s Android Spurs More App Jobs Than iPhone
The use of the word “more” is barely appropriate since this pronouncement is based on 987 Android jobs offerings posted to Dice as of March 1 compared to 970 jobs for iOS. Yes, it is more in the strict numeric sense. However, it is still newsworthy since iPhone apps have far surpassed Android apps in terms of revenue. You can read this blog item I wrote earlier this week for specifics.
Google Due to Provide In-app Purchases This Month: Will It Make a Difference to Developers’ Bottom Line?
My theory is that it is simpler to deploy Andoid apps in a private internal setting than iOS (iPhone) or Windows Phone. Both iPhone and Windows Phone requires going through their respective markets. iPhone apps can be deployed outside of the App Store but is subject to expiring profiles.
Social media guru Robert Scoble provides reasons for Android developers to develop specifically for the new generation of Android OS 3.0 tablets.
Developers: why you should build for Android tablets
He provides very interesting additional reasons to develop for that Android form factor including a currently sparse Android tablet app market and access to APIs and features that Apple’s iPad lacks.