Why Meet the Press Daily Exists, According to Chuck Todd

NBC's political director on the brief bit of chaos on the convention floor.

The 15,000 or so media covering the RNC this week knew it was coming, but how would NBC’s Chuck Todd rank the chaos on the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena Monday?

“This is easily the most unique unscripted moment I’ve experienced. It ain’t ’84, it ain’t ’80, but for this generation it’s pretty big,” Todd told TVNewser just before last night’s prime time session got underway. You can read the full Q&A on TVNewser in which the print-turned-TV journalist also told us why his daily MSNBC show is necessary in the new media age:

“One of my observations, and I come from print media, having watched weekly brands struggle to survive–look at the ones that took a hit: Newsweek, U.S. News, Time. They had to work hardest to reinvent themselves. Dailies and monthlies, believe it or not seem to have an easier time navigating this world. So that’s why it’s important that Meet the Press Daily is there every day, you can’t just be on Sundays. You can have a Sunday mindset, but have it every day of the week if you can.”