Why is Verizon & Motorola Releasing the DEVOUR with Android 1.6? 2.1 Anyone?

Image courtesy of Motorola

I have no idea what Verizon’s Android marketing and branding strategy plans are going forward. But, Silicon Alley Insider says…

Verizon Drops ‘Droid’ Brand For Newest Android Phone

That may be. The somewhat dark and gritty “Droid” marketing was always a bit of a mystery to me anyway. The details about the DEVOUR (note that Motorola uses this all-caps spelling) is found in its press release…

Motorola DEVOUR Brings MOTOBLUR To Verizon Wireless’ 3G Data Network

The main press release says very little about the device itself. It focuses on the social networking aspects instead (and even then not much details are provided).

– 3.1-inch capacitive screen
– 8GB microSD pre-installed
– Motoblur “Happenings Widget” pushes status updates to social networking sites
– “Universal Inbox” that aggregates email, social network messages, and other incoming text in one place
– Backup service to secure MOTOBLUR portal

The DEVOUR Fact Sheet provies more details:

– Android 1.6
– 320×480 resolution display with 65K colors
– 3 megapixel camera (no flash mentioned)

Aside from a reasonably nice looking keyboard, the hardware specs look unremarkable. And, why in the world is it running Android 1.6 when 2.1 is available? My guess is because Motorola’s custom “MOTOBLUR” overlay is too tightly integrated with 1.6 and they are having a hard time getting it working with 2.x.