Why is Facebook going after television viewers?

Facebook is looking to cut into Twitter’s market share in terms of interaction during television shows. The social network has adopted hashtags and opened up its data cache to media channels in an effort to get more people posting on Facebook as they watch their favorite programs.

A new study by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Optimal and Civolution shows just how significant the Facebook second-screen experience is, especially when it comes to advertising.

According to the two companies, somewhere between 88 and 100 million Facebook users check their News Feed during primetime TV hours. There’s a huge audience there — but how engaged are they?

Civolution’s ad-triggering service, SyncNow, which monitors hundreds o television channels to identify real-time ads, was integrated with Optimal’s Facebook-renowned Open Signals to buy ads through Facebook Exchange within seconds of when the similar ads aired on television. The program found that News Feed ads synced to the real-time television broadcasts experienced a 60 percent lift in consumer clickthrough rate (CTR). News Feed ads synchronized to competitive ads saw a 35 percent CTR lift (compared to a control group).

Rob Leathern, Optimal CEO, commented on the findings:

We were blown away by seeing a 60% lift for the Facebook News Feed ads that were synchronized to our advertiser’s TV ads, compared to a control group running the same day. With tens of millions of Facebook users logging onto the platform during prime time hours there is a tremendous opportunity to break through clutter and amplify TV commercials with a timely and direct advertisement on Facebook.

Readers: How often do you check Facebook while watching TV?

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