Why Halloween Ads on Facebook and Instagram Should Run Earlier Than You’d Think

Retailers, take note

Headshot of Christopher Heine

If you're a seemingly normal person, you shake your head at the sight of Halloween decorations popping up the morning after Labor Day. C'mon, it's still technically summmer!

But maybe that way of thinking is an "old normal," especially if you consider Facebook IQ's Hot Topics visualization below. The social network and sister app Instagram's nearly 300 million combined American users have spoken, and it's apparently A-OK to start thinking about witches, pumpkin heads, black cats and scary spooks well before Major League Baseball's regular season ends. 

Halloween prompted major social chatter in September (as did football, which is far less surprising). So Halloween marketers take note: It'd be wise to start sending those costume and candy emails several weeks before the actual holiday. What'd be even smarter would be buying targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram in September, well ahead of competitors that will drive up the sites' auction-based prices. 

Generally speaking, Facebook IQ measured the subject matter that drove disproportionately high volume in September on Facebook and Instagram. It marks the latest in a Facebook-Adweek series that began last year.

Check out the data-based graphics below to learn more about recent, topical social trends: 






@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.