Why do Horoscopes Have So Many Twitter Followers?

From the moons of Jupiter and straight to your fingertips:  Horoscopes are a hot commodity on Twitter.    And the Zodiac-centered profiles get more followers than the Pied Piper!  Whether you believe horoscopes are a crock of hooey – or you immediately blame the stars when your boyfriend explores other ‘galaxies’ – Astrologers have found a comfortable spot in the world of social media.

The follower to followee ratio is admirable, on these Zodiac profiles. The user @MyDailyScopes may have a mere 500 supporters.  But that is still an outstanding follower ‘profit’ – since they follow only a few pages themselves.  Many websites looking for Twitter supporters have to spam our brains out to fool us into following back.

@HoroscopeTweet tweets you your astrological prediction through an international astrologer named Serena Shaw.  Who the heck is she?  Well, her page has roughly 1000 subscribers – while following only 3 profiles in return – not a bad profit!  But the big one, @ZodiacFacts is rocking the globe with half a million followers!

So, why do Astrology profiles get so many followers, while other business profiles have to grovel at our feet for a click on their page? The answer is simple:  They make Twitter fun! Horoscope profiles are almost like apps.

Tweets from these pages are also appealing because they seem personal – though they are often extremely generic.  Even if you roll your eyes at the thought of reading them, they are often  carefully worded, so that they can apply to anyone.  So, when a person reads the Tweet-oscope, they think, “My goodness.  This is SO TOTALLY ABOUT ME!!!”

Blaming the Universe for our problems is so much easier than taking responsibility for our own actions.  And these profiles are offering an opportunity to put the weight on someone else’s shoulders.  So, thank you Horoscope Twitter pages.  Thank you for promoting your business while making your Tweets interactive and fun.

Now, just for fun, we have created  a completely unreliable way to predict your own future, by using Twitter.  This is a method you can use to find out how long it will take you to find true love.  Keep in mind, we are not professional Astrologers.  In fact, some of us don’t even believe in love; but this is a hilarious way to kill about 2 minutes at work.

To discover how long it will take to find true love:

1. Type the word, “Love” into the Twitter search bar.
2. Scroll through the time line.
3. Click on the first user with the same first initial as you.  (For example:  If your name is Alex, click on the first user whose user name starts with ‘A’)
4. Look at this person’s follower count.
5. That is how many days it will take for you to find true love.

And if you have already found true love, why not simply start following that random user.  It could throw some good Twitter karma up into the stars.

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