Who’s Hotter? Russert Vs. Stephanopoulos

We know that a lot of 20-somethings have a thing for George Stephanopoulos, but now we have confirmation (and no, it’s not what you think).

According to Nielsen Media Research for Sunday May 21, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” placed first among adults 25-54, besting “Meet The Press” and “Face The Nation” (even though “Meet the Press”, as always, still received the most total viewers with “This Week” taking second). This was “This Week’s” first win in that demographic over “Meet” — with full coverage — since August 1999 and the program’s biggest A 25-54 lead over “Face” since May 2, 2004.

NBC’s release tells a different story, raising the price of Tim Russert’s stock by stating that during sweeps “Meet The Press” placed first in each category, including adults 25-54. This means “Meet” has now “placed first among adults 25-54 for 55 consecutive sweeps (seven ties).”

The difference here is that ABC is talking solely about May 21 as opposed to NBC’s release which is referring to Sweeps as a whole.

So who is hotter? Either way, there are some signs that both “This Week” and “Face” (who beat “Meet the Press” in the 18-49 demo on 5/7) are capable of chipping away at the MTP powerhouse.

>UPDATE: Since everyone is offering their take, FOXNews writes in to point out that during May sweeps, Meet the Press was the only broadcast Sunday morning program of the four to be down in any category vs. May sweeps in 2005. All other Sunday shows, including Fox News Sunday, were up across the board in viewers were up across the board in viewers and demos except for Meet the Press which was down across the board in viewers and demos vs. 2005.