Weapon of Choice: Magic Markers

Have you noticed those advertisements all over the city for the Steve Harvey show, which airs mornings on 96.3 WHUR? Some Harvey haters – who are still miffed at the […]

Even Cute Chihuahuas Can’t Distract Us

Now, now, we don’t want to go overboard picking on the Express’ copyediting process (or lack thereof). But we really think that yesterday’s top headline under that pretty picture of […]

They Like Her, They Really Like Her

So what if former Examiner gossiper Karen Feld has allegedly had a few run-ins with journalists recently (and in the past)? She’s got plenty of support from the National Federation […]

Laura, Don’t You Kiss and Tell?

We’ve got a tiny beef with WaPo’s Laura Sessions Stepp, exceptional sex writer that she is. We’ve been asking her for weeks to answer a few of our questions about […]

An All Music Channel?

Here’s a follow-up to the news we recently reported that Jay Winter Nightwolf, an 89.3 FM program host, is helping create a new DC-based Native American television channel: His one-hour […]

Liberal Journalist Receives Liberal Kick in the Butt

On Monday, we told you that a person associated with the liberal Center for American Progress was shown the door recently when he tried to cover a meeting sponsored by […]

Cocktails in Arlington Last Night?

We’ve seen (and committed) plenty of copy-editing mistakes. But the copy editor of page 21 of today’s Express takes the cake for most mistakes in a single less-than-fifty-word blurb. See […]

A Pumpkin Spiced Response

Congressional Quarterly reporter Jill Barshay has responded to a few questions from FishbowlDC regarding designer Kelley Hundahl’s complaints about Barshay’s recent WaPo decorating show exposé. In reporting her piece, Barshay […]

Designing Woman Calls WaPo “Tabloid Trash”

Kelley Hundahl (left), a Cleveland Park-based decorating diva, made her debut on HGTV last weekend as a cheerful host in yet another design-on-the-cheap program, FreeStyle. In her first effort, she […]

Media Biases in Middle East War Coverage?

The topic of Howard Kurtz’ Reliable Sources yesterday is one that many are gabbing about from Washington’s bomb-free vantage point. The ghastly pictures of dead women, children and older people […]