Whoops! Facebook Exposes User Emails For 30 Minutes

Last night Facebook had a security glitch that exposed the private email addresses of some users. This follows a similar problem in February when some users had their inbox exposed to other people. Several users posted upset tweets on Twitter about the situation – some limited to the very succinct “not fixed, wtf.” The problem is apparently fixed now, but the issue is that some Facebook users have their email addresses marked as private in their profile settings, and yet other users were able to see this information.

Valleywag, who says that the problem lasted for around 30 minutes, has screenshots of tweets related to this incident, along with some much angrier, NSFW quotes off of one Facebook user’s Wall.

Looks like it’s not enough for users to take action to prevent Facebook accounts from being hacked when the site is exposing user details for them. Mashable received a confirmation email from Facebook saying that this was a bug in a regular code push. With repeat incidents such as this, it’s obvious that the company’s QA (Quality Assurance) process is lacking, but with 400M+ users to satisfy, and infrastructure to constantly scale up, it’s no doubt a challenging task.

Did you notice anything amiss in your or a friend’s account last night? Have you had other privacy issues with Facebook? Do you feel that setting your privacy options in your profile is too complicated? Or do you think that no one cares about privacy on Facebook, mirroring something their CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to have uttered recently?