Who Should Buy the LA Times? FBLA Suggests


FBLA thinks that some other players need to step up, throw down, and (insert action cliche here). While Geffen, Burkle and Broad are really rich, they’re also old white guys. Wouldn’t Los Angeles be better served by newspaper tycoons with some flair?

So here’s our short list:

Jay-Z–He runs Def Jam, Roc-a-Fella, Rocawear, owns part the New Jersey Nets, has a hot girlfriend, and a lotta money. The Financial Times profile goes into his financial savvy, as well as ability to make or break trends.

Russell Simmons–Another hip-hop gazillionaire, Simmons also has lots of well-connected friends. Maybe Tommy Hilfiger would invest.

Oprah–Think how empowering a newspaper with the O brand could be. Readers would get news they can use, and fuzzy slippers as a subscription premium.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson–Fashion coverage would be much more important, and the ‘tween reader would have a paper to call her own.

Larry Ellison–If nothing else, at least the website would be cool. On the other hand, he made his biographer insert Ellison’s own version of events into the book. Could be a newsroom micro-manager.

Jeff Bezos–Expedited shipping would be free.