Who might buy the Times?

With yesterday’s letter from the Chandlers to Tribune causing everyone to chatter about what might happen to the LA Times, a few local billionnaires keep popping up as potential buyers. We thought it might be useful to keep a tab. Here are a few publications that ran big stories on the potential breakup and who they think might buy the Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles Times: Ron Burkle and Eli Broad

Variety: Burkle, Broad, Peter Ueberroth

New York Times: Burkle, Broad, Ueberroth, David Geffen

Associated Press: Burkle, Broad, Ueberroth

Ten years ago, the idea of a single billionnaire with his own interests in city politics and/or business owning the L.A. Times likely would have horried the paper’s journalists and media watchdogs. But after seeing the efforts of just six years of ownership by a big, publicly traded conglomerate, we’re willing to bet most everyone who cares about the future of the paper would welcome such a move. Worrying about how the Times will cover DreamWorks when it’s owned by David Geffen would be a welcome relief from worrying over how many reporters will lose their jobs today.