Who Jacked the #USAvGER Meme This Morning?

Sure, you’ve probably already seen the morning’s biggest tweet. But we’ll share it yet again because it’s a brilliant little piece of self-promotion. Also: Jurgen Klinsmann has a great signature, doesn’t he?

Now how can you watch the game? And who jacked this meme?

Here are some “best ways to watch the game” tips (our own: Univision is streaming live as long as you’re cool with Spanish-language announcers).

Our answer to the “who are you rooting for” question obviously contains only three letters, but we do like this little parody:

Here’s a great Google GIF we missed earlier in the week:


Fox Sports Midwest gets it:

Semi-appetizing JOURNALISM via ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Your friendly German supermarket:

Charmin winning the award for best meme-jacking (but we suspect they had this one planned):

…and our favorite Bizarro Seinfeld account weighing in:

Bipartisan something something:

Finally, in case you’re in Brooklyn…we’re gonna post this because we love Six Point.

Now get productive.

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