Who Is Playing Mobile Games?

Android Community has posted results of a study on mobile phone gaming done by the Information Solutions Group. The study collected data using a web survey of 26 questions from 816 participants in the U.S. and the U.K. In order to participate those surveyed had to have played a game on their mobile phone during the past month.

The study shows that slightly more males play games on their mobile phones than females. What might be interesting is that the average age of the participants who are avid game players is 39.3 years, which is higher than some would expect. However, bear in mind that this probably reflects survey population more than the broader population, after all, how many teenagers are going to complete a web survey about playing mobile games?

The survey does show an increase in the frequency of game play. As much as 84% of the respondents play games on their phones at least once a week, compared to 40% in 2009, and 35% of the respondents say they play mobile games every day, compared to only 13% in 2009. I think these numbers are due to an increase in smartphone sales, and an increase in the number of casual games like Boggle and Words With Friends.

Clearly, the study shows that mobile phone games are a huge potential market. I have been observing that there seems to many more games on the Windows Phone Marketplace than other apps, and that may be by design based on this study.