While UCLA’s Lonzo Ball Stars in March Madness, His Dad Trends on Twitter

LaVar Bell was mentioned 100,000 times more than his star point guard son since Feb. 1

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Point guard Lonzo Ball leads the University of California Los Angeles into its NCAA Men’s Division I National Championship Sweet 16 battle versus the University of Kentucky Friday night, but trending on Twitter has been a family affair in the Ball household of late.

Lonzo Ball has been mentioned 285,000 times on Twitter since Feb. 1, but his outspoken father, LaVar Bell—who claimed that he could beat National Basketball Association Hall of Famer Michael Jordan in a one-on-on matchup—drew 385,000 mentions during that same time period.

Younger brother LaMelo Ball got in on the action, as well, with his 92-point explosion in a high-school game Feb. 8 helping spur 205,000 mentions on Twitter since Feb. 1.

Twitter said in an email to Social Pro Daily that the three largest spikes in Twitter conversation related to the Ball family, measured by tweets per day, were:

  1. LaVar Ball spars with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take.
  2. LaVar Ball talks about a $1 billion shoe deal for his family and how he loves his chances one-on-one against Jordan.
  3. Lonzo Ball fuels a comeback win for UCLA against the University of Oregon.

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