Whether you want to be Ansel or Annie, we can help

One of most excruciating ways my father tortured our family in my childhood was to take a picture of us.

“Look intelligent,” he’d say, then fiddle about and delay the clicking of the shutter for up to six minutes – until our faces were frozen, fatigued and unsmiling, with an icicle of drool threatening to drip from our maws.

Well, no more: Tonight, mediabistro.com offers you the chance to master that fancy digital camera of yours. Light quality, white balance, composition – they all get covered. Whether your photography is personal or professional, or whether you shoot portrait, landscape, documentary or product photography is no matter. Either way, you’ll learn how to produce great images.

So stop by the Beverly Hills Bar Association tonight at 7 pm. $65 bucks at the door, $50 for AvantGuild members.