Where Is Google Music?

Over the last six weeks there has been a flood of announcements and new releases from Google, but overlooked in all of the announcements is something that is missing, Google Music. During the Google I/O conference this past May we saw a Music section to the Android Market that at the time was speculated to be coming with Android 2.2.

Android 2.2 and a new version of the Android Market have both been released with no sign of Google Music. Not much has been published on the Internet about Google Music, nor has there been any more information from Google. Slashgear recently published an article that says Google was close to buying an existing music subscription service but the deal fell through. It appears that a Google music store will be on hold for a while, but Slashgear says in the same article that Google may be providing a cloud-based music storage service that would enable people to upload their own music and play it from mobile devices.