Where in the World Is Kirsten Kiser? Check out Arcspace for the Low-Down

Kirsten Kiser must have one of the best occupations in the world. She’s a veritable globe-trotter documenting new architecture projects all over the planet for Arcspace. Vreeland, Netherlands? She’s been there recently. Santiago, Chile? She was there too checking out a red-hot (really) fire station. Ditto Culver City, California and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. This writer just received an email from Kirsten. Today she’s in Copenhagen curating an exhibition on Gehry Technologies.

Edwin Chan and others are arriving in a couple of weeks. There is also a Danish project by Gehry, his first, but that is all I can say now…”

Wow. That sounds so hush-hush it’s exciting. Architecture is fine and dandy, but this writer especially loved kk’s letter on Shopping in Toyko. The street there is shut down on Sundays so shoppers can walk about freely without worrying about on-coming automobiles. When are they going to do that here in the U.S.? Shutting down Michigan Avenue here in Chicago on the 7th day of the week would be dreamy.