Where Do People Mostly Watch Video on Mobile Devices? At Home

All Things D got a look at a report commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing. It was assembled by Nielsen and surveyed people to find out where they were watching video on mobile devices. The results may be a surprise to anyone who has not watch a lot of video on mobile devices. But, it makes perfect sense to those who have.

Why Watch TV at Home When You Have a Perfectly Good iPhone to Squint At?

The survey asked about using smartphonees, iPod touch units and tablets to view video. Specifically, the survey asekd where video apps are used more often. 1,460 people who used video apps in the past month were included in the data. Three-quarters of the users for each of the three device types reported watching video on their mobile device at home. While it may seem odd that a mobile device would be used to watch video while at home, anyone who has done so would probably acknowledge this a very common activity.

Half of those surveyed reported watching video on a smartphone or iPod touch in a car. I hope they were passengers at the time! One-fifth to a third reported watching videos while at school (not while in class one would hope).