When Olympics Hero Simone Biles Met Her Crush, Zac Efron, the Internet Went Kablooey

As women dominate the social games

Simone Biles was already one of the biggest stars of the 2016 Olympics, thanks to the gymnast's high-flying, mesmerizing routines that have garnered her five medals during the last week. But then the 19-year-old proved that—despite her superhuman, sometimes steely heroics—she is also a regular person with a soft heart for a little celebrity fandom. 

Hoda Kotb, the NBC personality for the Today morning show, set up a surprise visit from Zac Efron after she learned of Biles' crush on the TV and film star. What happened next was social media gold, generating the No. 1 buzziest moment on Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday with 497,832 retweets, comments and likes, per media technology player 4C. 

There were other huge social media moments Tuesday as well. Check the Nos. 2-6 below in 4C's engagement totals, which measure retweets, comments and likes. Interestingly, five out of the overall top six moments on Tuesday concerned women. 

2. Here's that young lady again

Biles won the gold in the women's floor routine to capture her fifth gymnastics medal, inspiring 451,757 engagements.

3. Women's gymnasts ruled

Biles' teammate Aly Raisman took home the silver in the floor routine to up her medal count to six. The moment generated 405,197 retweets, comments and likes.

4. Britain's been great on social

Great Britain has been buzzy when many of its athletes have medaled during this Olympiad, and Tuesday was no different for #GBR nation. When Britainer Laura Trott won the gold in women's omnium cycling, 405,197 engagements occurred. Great Britain has an impressive 50 medals so far, trailing only the U.S. (84 medals) and China (51 medals) at press time.

5. More #GBR 

The Olympics had even more English flavor on Tuesday. After Britain's Becky James and Katy Marchant, respectively, nabbed silver and bronze in women's sprint cycling, 380,711 engagements lit up Facebook and Twitter. (They are pictured below.)

6. Finally, dudes

Well, there were guys who made a splash on Tuesday on social. Host country Brazil's brilliant soccer player Neymar (below) vowed to lead his men's team to the gold medal, and soccer fans responded with 332,643 retweets, comments and likes. So dudes weren't quite shut out of the action. 

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