When in Rome, Tweet About Illegal Parking

The Roman parking situation is getting a lot of help from social networking. Rome’s police have asked citizens to report parking violations to the official local police Twitter account. In addition to the location, the tweets also include information on the violator’s cars, which means, public shaming in addition to possible parking fines.

So far, the Roman police have reported over a thousand tweets from citizens, but not all of them get properly ticketed. Evidently, Rome police cannot get to the violators quick enough in all cases. In fact, the police have responded to 740 tweets but have only issued a few hundred tickets.

If the ticket to tweet ratio improves, the initiative might improve the deplorable driving and parking situation in the car-crowded city. According to statistics, Rome has a ratio of 70 cars for every 100 citizens. That’s a lot of vehicles for a small city with 2.7 million residents and two subway lines.

via Mashable