What’s the Droid Accessory Ecosystem Look Like?

I haven’t seen recent Droid sales figures. But, based on unscientific casual observation, my guess is that while the Droid is not even denting iPhone sales, it is probably doing a bit better than expected. I actually see it in use “in the wild” by people other than me.

To get a better idea, I took a look around at some of the popular accessory companies to see if they have Droid accessories available or in the queue. Here’s what I found:

– Belkin: Nothing on its web site
– Griffin: Nothing on its web site
– Incipio: Nothing on its web site
– Kensington: Nothing on its web site

Searching Amazon using the search term “droid” resulted in a number of hits of products from firms which, for the most part, I have never heard of before.

In fact, the only accessory firm which Droid related products I found during my quick search was…

Online Seidio Store

Seido’s Innocase line actually lists quite a few items. However, the vast majority of items are listed as “coming soon – currently under development”.

Accessory availability is a useful indicator of how well a product is doing. The iPhone has a huge variety of accessoriesi available. Even the Zune and lesser known devices like the Sansa seem to have a good accessory ecosystem.

The current Droid accessory situation shouldn’t be interpreted as a bad sign though. It took, for example, a couple of months before accessories became available in significant numbers for the 5th generation iPod touch released this Fall. There’s probably no doubt that the new nano would do well. But, accessory firms weren’t ready for it either. I suspect we’ll get a better picture of the Droid’s sales health and its ecosystem by late January. But, it is too bad that products were ready for this holiday buying season.