What’s The Deal With Twitter? @SeinfeldStories Creates Plausible Seinfeld Plots In Tweet Form

After reading some of the tweets on SeinfeldStories, I’d be surprised if each episode of Seinfeld wasn’t pitched in 140 character segments. This quirky Twitter account tweets 140-character Seinfeld plotlines a couple of times a day – and they’re hilarious. Check out a few of the gems below.

Run by a “Michael R.”, @SeinfeldStories bills itself as micro-blog fan fiction, but that doesn’t do it justice. If you’re a Seinfeld fan with an imagination, you’ll get a massive dose of “new” episodes by simply following this account.

The plotlines are straight out of the Seinfeld universe. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer (with some appearances from their parents, Newman, and even the Soup Nazi) are given new life on Twitter. They encounter their usual mundane New York experiences, and you’re left to imagine how they’d respond. Here are a few of my favorites:

“Jerry finds toe nail clippings in his apartment and can’t figure out who they came from; George vows to stop wishing people a happy birthday”

“Elaine starts dating an ugly DA after numerous parking tickets; Jerry finds out Kramer hasn’t stepped on a crack in 9 years.”

“Jerry gets in trouble at Katz’s Deli when he splits his oversized roast beef sandwich with Kramer; George gets lost in the Statue of Liberty”

“After one too many stubbed toes, Kramer starts wearing steel-toed boots; George gives up and decides to eat pizza for every meal.”

This is really a hilarious account to follow if you’re a fan of Seinfeld (and who isn’t?). It’s almost like reliving the glory days, as each plot tweet could have easily been a day in the life of Jerry and crew. So take a break from those Seinfeld re-runs you’ve been watching and dig into some “new” episodes a la @SeinfeldStories.