What’s next for Facebook Chat?

facebook chat mini-feedFacebook Chat has enabled quicker communication than was ever before possible on the site. New features unique to Facebook Chat include live notifications, integration of mini-feed events in the message windows, and the ability to maintain state (such as whether conversations are minimized, and which are open). And as a sign that the product is being actively improved, Chat started working today in at least two more browsers – Opera and Firefox 3 beta.

However, the current Chat feature set is still relatively limited. Among the commonly requested features, we have to wonder: which features will be added next?

Some possibilities:

  • Chat logging
  • Sounds
  • Support for an open chat protocol, or another software-based approach
  • File transfer
  • Ability to disable chat completely, so that it doesn’t show during the Facebook experience at all
  • Chat rooms
  • Support for mobile clients or browsers
  • Integration with the Facebook Platform
  • Friend grouping, perhaps by friends list (although duplicates might be annoying)
  • Ability to change the order of friends
  • Privacy controls, so that you can prevent chatting with certain friends, or blocking for that matter
  • Ability to sign on as “invisible” to other users
  • Away messages or states, separate from the Facebook Status

If you have any other suggestions, be sure to leave a comment here and let us know.