Why You Should Use LinkedIn Endorsements & Notifications

Do you use endorsements or notifications on LinkedIn?

Over at SocialTimes, one writer argued that these two functions are changing the way people present their work lives online. If you don’t share these functions with your LinkedIn community, you could be missing out. Here’s more from the blog:

Part of the problem with LinkedIn has been that people already have so many other social networks to maintain that there isn’t much time to check in with colleagues and see what’s happening in their careers until it’s time to find a new job or to look for someone to hire. The little updates automate the process of keeping touch. LinkedIn added Notifications to members’ homepages in September. In November, the company reported in a third quarter earnings call that members had posted four times as many comments on other people’s updates. As for the newly added Endorsements, you can see pretty quickly which of your skills are the most valuable to your network, or at least the most widely known, by how many people have clicked on them. (LinkedIn said that there were already 200 million endorsements made at the close of quarter three.)

SocialTimes editor Devon Glenn discussed all these issues on the Morning Media Menu today. Press play below to listen…

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