What Will OneDrum Add to the Yammer Portfolio?

Last week, Yammer purchased OneDrum, a company that easily lets employees work on files together over the web.  Yammer already lets you upload and display files on your groups and streams, but there is no real time personal drive technology available.  Would this sort of technology help Yammer, and is that what the company is aiming at with the acquisition of OneDrum?

Onedrum is a service that lets you co-author, file share and interact on Microsoft Office documents in real time.  It’s got a lot of similarity to something like DropBox, but seems to be focusing on Microsoft Office files in particular, and that’s why it would make an excellent addition to the Yammer portfolio.  Yammer wants to offer an all in one service for companies to be able to communicate with one another better using their employee social media tools, and having the ability to share and edit files together would just add to an already compelling offering.

A look at the oneDrum site shows that they are “not accepting new accounts,” which leads me to believe that they may get rolled right up into Yammer rather than remaining a standalone product. Yammer is mostly a web-based offering at this point, although they do have a desktop client and mobile apps which allow you to access the service remotely, so a question would be whether the collaboration and loading of files would be done within the web interface or whether users will download a small desktop client like the Dropbox client to activate the file sharing services.

Watch the oneDrum introduction below and let us know what you think.

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