What to Look for in 2010

UstrategyLogo.jpgUstrategy founder and chief strategist Ravit Lichtenberg penned a lengthy, informative piece for ReadWriteWeb about the 10 ways social media will change in 2010.

The list:
• Social media will become a single, cohesive experience embedded in our activities and technologies.
• Social-media innovation will no longer be limited by technology.
• Mobile will take center stage.
• Expect an intense battle as people and companies look to own their own content.
• Enterprises will shape the next generation of what we’ve called “social media.”
• ROI will be measured—and it will matter.
• Finally: Real, cool and very bizarre online-offline integration.
• Many “old” skills will be needed again.
• Women will rule social media.
• Social media will move into new domains.