What Others Say About Microsoft’s Bing mobile Update Downgrade

When Microsoft released an update for Bing mobile, I rushed out to install it on my Touch Pro2 because previous updates had incrementally improved its value to me. Unfortunately, my reaction to the latest update is summarized in the blog item I wrote on December 3…

Ugh! Bing Mobile Update for Windows Mobile Slow & Touch Hostile

Lest I sound like a “Bing mobile hater”, check out some of the comments on Microsoft’s own Windows phone Connection blog…

The New Bing for Mobile is Here: Get It While It’s Hot!

It turns out I missed a number of other issues with the update myself! Here’s a list gathered from those comments. All of these missing features come from Adam Z. Lein of PocketNow.com:

– Collections gone
– No access to custom maps created on the desktop
– No “Bird’s Eye” view
– Cannot select a contact as a destination address

I should note a correction on something I said in my previous post (see link above) about Bing mobile. I said its GPS location feature was the worst of any mobile mapping apps I’ve tried. It looks like the problem is because of the HTC Touch Pro2 itself. I just updated Google Maps mobile on the TP2 and noted that it presents current locations that are way off too. I tested it against a Droid also running Google Maps for mobile.