What Is Vice CEO Shane Smith Doing in the Server Room?

SPOILER: He's not looking for Hillary Clinton's lost emails.

tkWe know Vice Media CEO Shane Smith recently interviewed President Obama and that he often reports from exotic, dangerous destinations. But has Smith also been operating Hillary Clinton’s server in Chappaqua, New York? (Of course he hasn’t — but check out this photo, taken by Tim Barber for the WSJ magazine profile that appeared earlier this month.)

The issue, devoted to men’s style, features tennis star Novak Djokovic on the cover (which is why this longtime fan saved it for 2 weeks). When I finally got around to leafing through the pages last night, the image to the left stopped me in my tracks.

The photo caption reads, “11:02 am – Visits server room, where thousands of hours of content are stored.”

The article includes a series of “day in the life” photos of Smith as he goes about his busy routine. He resembles a deer caught in the headlights in this staged shot; in that way, he’s not unlike Hillary during parts of her presser last week.

It’s also quite a coincidence since this WSJ magazine issue went live online on March 3, the day after news of Hillary’s email scandal first surfaced. And as the article’s author, Christopher Ross, notes, “Smith has lately shown an interest in harder news.”

Yet Smith isn’t a close fit to be the technician behind Hillary’s server, since Ross goes on to say that “even in his role as CEO, he is largely uncensored.” Still, one thing Smith and Clinton share is that the server room pictured here and the one in Hillary’s home are both a tangled maze.

If we had to venture a guess, we’d say Smith’s server problems will probably be cleared up sooner.

How else will he use his 15 daily F-bombs?

(Photo courtesy of Tim Barber for WSJ Magazine)