What Is PR Becoming?

It’s the question of the day/year/decade, and our friend Matt Shaw, director of communications at the Council of Public Relations Firms wrote a post addressing it earlier this week. You should read it yourself, but here are some highlights:

Do labels like “public relations,” “advertising,” and “interactive” make sense any longer? Will entirely new disciplines emerge to replace these designations?

In our 2013 Q2 member survey, more than 90% of public relations firms reported selling social media strategy, social media crisis, mobile strategy, community management, website development and digital video production and distribution. More than 80% told us they were offering online advertising creative and online media buying.

But PR will remain distinctive:

Integration and traditional disciplinary boundaries aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s no need to give up one in embracing the other. In fact, the key to our continued success in the near future may well be to embrace integration without taking it so far that we lose a sense of who and what we have traditionally been as a discipline.

The differences in today’s market:

During the 1990s, when I was working for a firm in Boston, we told stories primarily by getting journalists and others to write about our clients. Today, we tell stories with words and pictures, using video or infographics and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Matt goes on to list and link to specific examples of firms expanding their offerings to better serve clients. Read the rest or save it for the weekend.