What is Facebook’s stance on third party Pages?

pages.pngThis week, Facebook launched Pages, a new way for businesses and brands to build a presence on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, Eric Eldon reported that iLike, makers of the popular iLike application on Facebook, had “pre-created 160,000 new advertising ‘Pages,’ using the features that Facebook is launching today for brand advertisers, that include all of a musician’s ‘fans’ and other iLike information.”

Then, on Wednesday, Facebook application developer Trey Philips noted in the Developer discussion forums, “amazing. all the iLike band pages just disappeared.” Eh?

Upon further inspection, this appears to be the case for many iLike pages, but exactly how many is unclear. While many iLike band Pages still exist, like this one for the Dave Matthews Band, others, including the 50 Cent Page featured in this TechCrunch post, have since disappeared.

Apparently, Facebook wants to keep Pages out of the hands of third parties and securely in the hands of the brand owners. This makes sense given how they are positioning Pages to marketers. So what is Facebook’s policy on removing pages? Hope to have comments soon.