What If The Wright Brothers Were On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In commemoration of the upcoming Paris Air Show 2011, Eezeer, a social media network for travelers, has created this cool infographic that takes a look at how airlines have used Twitter over the years. And while the Wright brothers didn’t actually get to send a tweet, those who followed them have made good use of their own 140 characters.

As this infographic shows, there are a few major dates associated with the airline industry: the first flight by the Wright brothers in December of 1903, the first regular commercial flight in 1919, and… *drum roll*… the first two airlines that signed up for Twitter in May 2007.

That milestone paved the way for the massive presence that airlines now have on Twitter. There are 196 airlines with a Twitter presence, running a total of 232 accounts – 172 of which were created in 2009 alone.

And, perhaps the most jaw-dropping statistic from this infographic: those 196 accounts are followed by a combined total of 6.5 million users.

You can check out other cool airline Twitter factoids below:

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