What Fast-Growing Trivia App Didn’t Have an Android Version Until Today?

QuizUp looks for more users

QuizUp, the mobile trivia game, launched on Android today after becoming a fast hit on the iPhone last year. The Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games also launched QuizUp on the iPad last month, and CEO Thor Fridriksson said that he has been bombarded with potential users asking for the Android version.

QuizUp reached one million users in eight days after its iPhone release in November—one of the fastest growing iPhone apps of all time—and now has more than 10 million users. Its popularity was mostly due to word of mouth, but the marketing team at Fiksu also helped to get the word out. 

Fiksu said its marketing was responsible for an average of $1 spent for every iOS user acquired, which was below the average cost per install in the mobile gaming industry.

QuizUp is focused on growing its user base with the Android launch, but Fridriksson said it is also working on native ads that mix its quizzes with marketing and brands.

“We are in heavy talks with lots of very interesting partners when it comes to native advertising,” Fridriksson said.

In December, QuizUp raised $22 million in a fundraising round led by Sequoia Capital.

“Still looming is how are we going to monetize and that’s a question for lot of social apps like Snapchat,” Fridriksson said. “We have really exciting chance to work on doing monetization that actually gives value to the users and we want to do that correctly.”

Fridriksson has envisioned sponsored quizzes for brands on related topics, like car trivia for automakers and film trivia for movies. Movies and shows already are popular quiz themes.

QuizUp’s team is scheduled to be among the startups attending SXSW.