What does Facebook’s potential mobile payment platform mean for businesses & consumers?

Ever see your friends’ birthdays appear in your Facebook notifications … and then see an offer to buy a Starbucks card as a gift?

You know how simple that is to do, right?  Just select the gift, choose the amount, and send it off.  Voila … instant transaction (even if you’re on a mobile phone) … and the payment was accomplished by one click.  No need to enter in your credit card info again, as Facebook already has that on record.

Facebook may be offering you the same easy ability to purchase goods via your wireless device.

Here’s how this idea works.  Think about buying something now from your mobile phone.  Often, you would have to type in your credit card number on your phone (something that discourages instant gratification due to the tiny numbers and extra effort).

What Facebook will potentially offer is a button that lets you tell Facebook to input the billing information that you already gave Facebook from buying gifts or paying games.

Your payment will be processed via the original payment processor the application originally used.

Facebook merely filled in the information and made it possible for a one-click purchase.

Talk about a time-saver!

But let’s take that a step further.

Think about Facebook’s stake in mobile advertising.  Let’s say that it currently charges an advertiser 14 cents per click … but that click leads to a $37 purchase online.

Facebook can now tell the advertiser that their investment is delivering profit to them. Profit – it’s what every business wants!

One thing to keep in mind – it was earlier reported that Facebook was looking to compete with PayPal. Not so! Why bother compete when you can maximize the benefits of each service instead?

So what does that mean for you as a consumer or you as a business?

The more data Facebook can gather from online transactions…the more data they can provide advertisers that their expenditures are making them money in the long run.

And customers get the benefit from a 1 click simplicity that allows them to buy even more.

Truly a win win for all involved – Facebook, businesses that advertise, and consumers.

Yet again, it’s more privacy that goes bye-bye into the distance, waving forlornly back.

I’d bet the majority of consumers would be quite willing to buy into it, how about you?

Barbara Ling is a 17-plus year veteran marketing entrepreneur, currently specializing in teaching others how to build a viral fanbase/community online using Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, coffee (lots of coffee, or maybe tea if that’s your preference) and more! See her Google Profile here!

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