What Bag Does the Camera Man for a Baggage-less Adventurer Carry?

Have you been following Rolf Potts around the world trip without any baggage? You can find the blog here:

No Baggage Challenge

This adventure is co-sponsored by gadget clothing maker Scottevest. I can’t even imagine making a trip without some kind of backpack or netbook/iPad case. And, how is it that Rolf has so many photos and videos recorded if he is not using any baggage. Why, he is has a camera man, of course! Justin Glow, wrote his own blog entry about attempting to stay light while shadowing Rolf on this trip.

The ultimate mobile HD video rig for traveling around the world

Justin is using a Mountainsmith Spectrum backpack camera bag ($119 from Amazon – currently out of stock). Justin reports that 95% of this backpack is filled with camera equipment. Now, this sounds more like me! Like Rolf, Justin is carrying his clothing in Scottevest clothing pockets. But, yes it does appear impossible for serious gadget fans to travel without at least a good sized backpack.

I just bought a TSA-friendly (so the manufacturer claims) backpack myself. More on this later this week.