What are the Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2014?

Okay flacks.

Regardless your age, you can’t ignore the power of social media. You have tried not to embrace it but you know that’s an exercise in futility, right? You think that pitching via DMs are rude and emails will never die because technology can’t pass the industry by that much. Namely when you have clients calling you daily about an idea for a Facebook page.

So, I’m a self-admitted geek. I love social media, as noted here, here, here and here. Oh, and here.

No joke: I research SEO algorithms while watching a good baseball game. So, now that you know I’m 5-foot-2, 400 pounds and living in my mother’s basement, here are the top 5 social media trends that PRNewser would like to share with flacks across this country for 2014.

Get a pen and enjoy after the jump:

5. Social Media: Get on board or drown. There is no denying it. Social networks are here to stay. From apps to advertising, campaigns to countrywide TV shows, everything has a social media tie-in. No one cares about your number these days. They find you online. If you aren’t there, you don’t exist. And as for your clients, forget it. Businesses are fully aware, regardless the curmudgeon factor of its CEO, about social media and the need for integration in terms of revenue. There are real benefits in terms of link building, traffic navigation and SEO. If you are able to understand lead generation, the power of referrals and audience engagement, your clients will love you. If not, they will leave you in 2014.

4. PR and SEO will Find Working Harmony. With respect to ‘Ebony and Ivory,’ these two need to live together in perfect harmony. Earlier this month, we opined about that topic and it bears repeating. If your agency doesn’t have a dedicated person or practice to social media, now is the time to write a job description. That is an immediate need for any firm and a pressing request for most clients. They want to know you can help because quite honestly, they don’t have time to keep with the Twitterverse, much less the ever-expanding universe via the Internet. That’s your job, if you want it.

3. SoLoMo. Don’t know what that means? You are already behind where other integrated firms are heading in 2014. This acronym means “SOcial, LOcal and MObile.” And accord­ing to the Adobe 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Sur­vey, accessing social media is the num­ber one mobile activ­ity today. Where do they do it? In their local backyard. How do they do it? Everyone has a smartphone. Do you know how to market via social media? Do you know how to advise your clients where to market via social media? If the answer is a resounding ‘no,’ quit going to those writing workshops and pick up something on digital. It’s no secret that today’s consumer is defined by reach, location and mobility. The secret is where are you when they figure that out themselves.

2. Attention Spans Aren’t What They Used to Be. Twitter. Tumblr. Plurk. Meemi. What do these odd names have in common? Microblogs. People have two dominant traits that microblogs feed — voyeurism and narcissism. We love to watch and love to be seen. Taking that notion more literally, consider Vine, ClueVideo and Instagram Video. Yup, microvideos. In 2014, your status quo informational video is going to be really special to compete for attention. If it goes over :12 seconds, you may have issues. Headlines are shorter. Videos are faster. Visuals are on the rise. And great captions with images are ruling the roost. (NOTE: The greatness of Buzzfeed.) Knowing this and preparing for it will help your client cut through the clutter.

1. Content is Still King. Want to know why I heart Google? With its zoo of Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, they are forcing PR professionals to be better writers. If you can’t diagram a complex-compound sentence (with a conceivable amount of panache), you may have problems. Review the four aforementioned trends coming to a PR agency near you in 2014. Social media? PR and SEO? SoLoMo? Micro-everything? They all require gripping, relevant and strategic content. Content is becoming less about text and more about direction to a visual or a CTA. Need lead generation or better traffic? Content creates organic SEO and an open door for paid SEM or a good PPC campaign. Content creates information. Good content creates positioning. Put a crown on that bad boy and learn how to establish an online presence for you, your agency and your clients.

Welcome to 2014, kids.