What Are People Saying About SOPA on Google+, Facebook and Twitter?

Unless you’ve been hiding in your IP-hidden digital cave for the last few weeks, you’re probably aware that the Internet is currently rife with protests for SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act.  Critics from Silicon Valley and various technology companies around the world blacked out their sites to protest the bill, which effectively would give the American government a kill-switch to shut down websites that have pirated content.

So how has the social web been responding?

On Google+, a Stop SOPA and PIPA page has gained 5082 followers as of this morning, and supports the blackout.  Also, if you take a look at a search for the term you’ll see that it’s a big topic of conversation on the site.  Take a look at the page here.

AllTwitter takes a look at the view from TWitter, where they analyze a mind-map of the relationships of the top users discussing Twitter.  He looked at 80,000 tweets that discussed the bill and their replies, and then mapped it out.  Check it out here.

AllFacebook examines several status updates related to SOPA as well as the word from Mark Zuckerberg himself, who states that we “can’t let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet’s development.”  There are also 40,000+ members of the “Against the Stop Online Privacy Act” Facebook Group.  Check it out here.