WGA Members to NYT Writer Brook Barnes: Wise Up!

Remember when FBLA suggested that New York writers were clueless about LA and show biz? Our point is proved again, thanks to Brooks Barnes of the New York Times. Writing about the upcoming WGA vs. AMPTP residuals smack-down, he’s wrong about nearly everything. To wit:

Movie script writers get an upfront payment, now at least $1 million for a major film, according to studio executives.

Su-u-u-re they do,sonny.

And also:

Under their proposal, unveiled with unexpected zest in early July by Barry M. Meyer, chief executive of Warner Brothers Entertainment, so-called creative employees would get residual checks only after the studios have recouped their basic costs.

In Hollywood, studios almost never recoup “basic costs”. And this guy’s a business writer?

Craig Mazin and his readers and David Poland take this guy apart. And they hate his name.

Barnes, who joined the NYT from the Wall Street Journal, is a Montanan by birth, and perhaps he just got all dazzled by those flashy show biz types. Or he’s an idiot.