Weight Watchers Targeting Men With New Campaign

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley lost 27 pounds with Weight Watchers!

Get used to hearing that because Barkley, former NBA player and current announcer, has signed on as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers’ “Lose Like a Man” campaign. The company scored a mention on People.com, ESPN.com, and a number of other publications today.

“Anyone who gains 100 pounds, they’re just a lazy a–,” USA Today quotes him saying. Barkeley gained that weight after retiring from basketball in 2000. You don’t hear that too often in women’s health and fitness magazines.

He also says he hopes to reach the African-American community and his home state of Alabama. Both have high levels of obesity and diabetes.

According to ESPN, Weight Watchers made a commitment to reach men because they are “often are overlooked by the weight loss industry.” (The diet soda industry says the same. Who knew men were so overlooked these days?)

Starting on Christmas Day, Barkeley will appear in marketing across print, online, and broadcast channels. Weight Watchers already has a page dedicated to men on its website.