WeeWorld Virtual World Contributes to Japan Relief Efforts

The earthquake in Japan and the flood of tsunami devastate some of the most major areas. As a warm and caring gesture for the country and its survivors, Weeworld.com and its WeeMee Avatar Creator app are offering items for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to Japan Earthquake relief. Kibou the Shibu Inu pup (sells for 500 points or $1) quickly made it into the top 10 most purchased items on WeeWorld, showing strong outpouring of support for Japan from U.S. teens.

WeeWorld is a top social game for teens with more than 45M WeeMees globally. The $1.99 Cweeture Dogs pack on WeeMee Avatar Creator, which also contains Kibou, sells for $1.99 and all this week all proceeds will be donated to Red Cross Japan earthquake relief. One might thinking that a $1.00 or $1.99 isn’t much, but the proceeds will add up and hopefully helps those who are in need.

WeeMee Avatar creator is a fun little avatar creation program, designed to create somewhat recognizable avatars that one can use for Twitter or Facebook. The avatar creation process is very easy to use. You might even find the process of creating an avatar fun. You follow the easy to understand directions.

The earthquake in Japan and the flood of tsunami wiped out some of the most important areas. Weeworld.com warm and caring gesture is a way to offer our support.