WeeWeb is a Twitter for Babies and More

Yes, babies can be active members of the social networking world too. Oh well, at least their parents are in behalf of them. And there have been various baby-friendly social networking sites and web 2.0 services available online. But there’s always some room for more. So we welcome WeeWeb, a microblogging sites with a trace of Twitter, Flickr and other web 2.0 services.

Wee-Web is a pretty simple and yet useful and fun web 2.0 site which lets you do the following:

  • upload and share photos and video of your babies and kids
  • share a story to your family and friends
  • select family and friends who will can view your babies/kids’ sites

In addition, and perhaps the major feature of Wee-Web is the update functionality, where you can post updates on what’s going on with your kids via a public timeline similar to Twitter and Facebook’s. Like Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters as well.

Wee-Web’s design is pretty simple to too. In a way it siginifies what the site is trying to do – to provide a simple web 2.0 service for parents to create an online presence for their kids and babies as early as now. The major strength of Wee-Web, lies in its simplicity. I know you can do the same thing with Blogspot.com and any other blogging site. But you still have to do some extra steps to make it possible with those sites.

At Wee-Web, you only have to create an account, and presto you can start building an online presence for your kids. It’s features are limiting and yet that’s make it a pretty effective tool for fulfilling its purpose. You will not be tempted to do further customization which could later on drown you into the technicalities of blog creation and customization.

And in case you’re interested to know, Wee-Web was founded by the same people who established meet-up, a simple social networking services for organizing events and meeting people online. So, it’s no wonder the Wee-Web carries the same qualities of its “mother” site.