This Week’s Must-Haves: a Smart Mirror That Replicates Lighting From Anywhere

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a smart mirror that can replicate lighting from anywhere in the world, a water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated and more. Take a look!


Simplehuman Pro Wide-View Sensor Mirror, $400

There are few things as frustrating as carefully applying a full face of makeup at home before stepping outside to discover that your look actually reads more clown than chic. To help avoid such cosmetic disasters, Simplehuman's new app-connected, wide-view sensor mirror features the company's tru-lux light system, which uses the full color spectrum to accurately simulate nearly any lighting condition imaginable, from bright sunlight to a dim restaurant. You can even use the Simplehuman app to capture light settings from the world around you—think your office, the gym or even your local coffee shop—and have the mirror replicate them at home, so you know exactly how you'll look throughout the day.

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Tangram Smart Rope, $90

Think jumping rope is for kids? Tangram's Smart Rope will make you think again. The Bluetooth-connected rope is embedded with 23 LEDs that display your fitness data (including jump count, calories burned and more) in mid-air so you can track your progress without missing a beat. The accompanying Smart Gym App stores your workout data, sets up interval training routines and lets you compete with friends.

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Belkin Mixit Lightning-to-USB Leather Tassel, $35

Always have a charging cable close at hand with Belkin's tech-friendly key fob. The leather tassel hides a color-coordinated lightning-to-USB cable, and also protects the cable's connector heads when not in use. Clip it onto your keys or bag—no one will guess your stylish accessory is pulling double duty.

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Cyrano Scent Digital Speaker, $150

The Cyrano Scent Speaker isn't technically a speaker at all—it's a high-tech aroma diffuser. Instead of playing music, it releases series of "oNotes" (i.e., olfactory notes) to create a variety of scent melodies. Use the connected app to play one of the pre-programmed tracks designed to energize (with scents like guava, peppermint and citrus) or relax (with lavender, vanilla and lilac) or create your own using Cyrano's 12 built-in oNotes.

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Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat, $68

Brighten your morning Bikram class with this colorful yoga mat-slash-towel. Made from eco-friendly materials, it has an absorbent microfiber top layer to soak up sweat and a rubber base to provide cushioning and grip. A built-in carrying strap makes it easy to tote between home and the studio.

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HidrateSpark Water Bottle, $55

For some people, staying hydrated is easy. For others, it's a chore. If you're in the latter camp, check out HidrateSpark's app-connected water bottle, which sets hydration goals based on your height, weight and sex, and tracks your water intake throughout the day. When you're in need of a drink, the bottle will glow and you'll get a smartphone notification.

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This story first appeared in the May 16, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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