Weekly Dose Of WTF – Demon Cats & MeatWater

Happy Wednesday, folks! The workweek is half way over and you know what that means – It’s time for your weekly dose of WTF videos. This week we’ve got a great selection of videos that will make you tilt your head, squint one eye and ask yourself, “What the freak was that?!”, from a demon cat to some serious voice-crackin’, butt-sniffin’, rappin’ and even a video about meat-flavored water. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be WTF-ified

Demon cat

This is definitely the craziest demon cat I’ve ever seen. Somebody call an exorcist!!

Baby Safe Haven Group

Okay, I think it’s great that there are resources to help young mothers who can’t provide for their babies. But is a rap really the way to let them know that it’s okay to bring their babies to the cops or a hospital, no strings attached? This video has been on YouTube since 2007, but had a viral boost earlier this week when it was first embedded on VideoGum, BuzzFeed and other sites.

Total Blackout

What kind of a television show does this to a person? This guy is in total darkness and has to sniff various items and guess what they are. Watch out for what’s behind door number three, man! Seriously, WTF? Yuck-o!

NHL Ref Chris Rooney Voice Fail

I can’t decide what Chris Rooney is better at – doing an imitation of a pre-adolescent teen or of Michael Jackson?

MeatWater Clip B

We promised you MeatWater and you’ve got MeatWater! This video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2008, but it only started to take off this week after AOL News did a piece on the company. MeatWater comes in a variety of flavors including Hungarian goulash, Peking duck and, for the health nuts out there, grilled chicken salad.

The AOL story asserts that MeatWater is real. I’m having a hard time believing it though. Maybe it’s a simple joke, or a campaign with some sort of vegan ulterior motives (after all, they cut a freakin’ pig in half in the promo). Whatever the case, it sort of makes me want to gag and sort of makes me want to see what Caribbean shrimp salad would taste like as a beverage. What do you think? Find out more at DinnerInABottle.com.