Weekly Dose Of Cute – Baby Anteaters & Playful Sheep

Start your week off on the right foot with seven of the most adorable videos fro the past week. There are kittens and puppies, sheep and baby anteaters, and even Elmo puts in an appearance!

This week there was a major cute overload in the world of web video. There were kittens and puppies, sheep and baby anteaters, and even Elmo put in an appearance. So to get your week started off on the right foot, check out our picks for the most adorable videos from the past week below.

Baby Anteater Riding On Mom’s Back!

Who knew that baby anteaters were so adorable? I certainly didn’t, until I saw this new video from the San Francisco Zoo’s YouTube channel of the baby anteater that was just born. This little guy is the first anteater that has been born at the SF Zoo in more than a decade.

Iso In Slo-Mo

Meet Iso, a cute little puppy that made himself known to the YouTube community in a series of slow-motion videos this week on a new YouTube channel, IsoInSloMo. A video of Iso playing in the snow went viral earlier this week, getting over 55,000 views so far, and it looks like a new video of Iso in the bath is on it’s way up as well. How cute is this little guy?

Kitten attempts to defeat cat’s plastic fortress

This kitten is trying to get to his cat friend, who is sitting in a plastic box, but can’t seem to figure out how. The cat in the box doesn’t seem phased by the situation at all. He’s just chillin’ out, without a care in the world.

WHS – Kitty Midnight Madness

Is this guy selling used cars? Nope! He’s selling kittens! Props to the Winnipeg Humane Society. This makes me want to adopt a cat more than anything I’ve ever seen. I think I want that one-of-a-kind cat that looks like a pig, don’t you?

A Sheep’s Best Friend

This must be the happiest sheep that ever lived. I love the way he trots around. Tee hee hee.

Confused shibainu

This dog is watching a video of another dog rolling over on an iPhone. Is he confused or just enjoying the show? You be the judge.

Elmo Makes A Pregnant Woman’s Day

Finally, we told you that even Elmo made an appearance this week and here he is! He makes a pregnant woman’s day when he gives her a hug and tells her he loves her. Elmo is great and I love that even though you can see the puppeteer right there it still seems like he’s absolutely real.

Did you see a cute YouTube video this week that you are just dying to share? Feel free to share the link with us in the comments.