How Technology Is Evolving The Wedding Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that one in five couples are now turning to a paperless solution when it comes to sending out invitations for their wedding?

Social media, of course, is an effective and easy way to invite friends and family to your big day, particularly if you don’t have their physical address to hand. It’s environmentally friendly, too (if a little cheap).

Thanks to technology, the (let’s face it, mindlessly laborious) process of planning a wedding has involved considerably over the last few years. Every last detail of the event can be researched online, and couples are using Pinterest and other “mood board” platforms for inspiration, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word (almost half of all brides update their Facebook relationship status to “married” between the ceremony and the reception) and even the likes of Spotify in place of the humble DJ.

This infographic takes a closer look at how technology is evolving the wedding industry.

(Source: Vintage Styler. Phone image via Shutterstock.)