webOS 1.1 Update Will Give the Palm Pre More Business Appeal

Reading through PreCentral’s summary of improvements expected in the webOS 1.1 update for the Palm Pre…

webOS 1.1 Coming Soon? Exchange Improvements on Tap for Palm Pre

I couldn’t help but wonder if the Pre was released much earlier than its developers would have liked and how unfinished is it at this stage?

The webOS 1.1 includes a lot of enterprise features like remote wipe, PIN/password features, and auto-lock after a period inactivity.

The Pre has a kind of iPhone consumer appeal with its gesture capable touch screen and web-centricity. This makes sense given that significant members of its design team came from Apple. On the other hand, its physical QWERTY keyboard provides a business look and quality to it. The enterprise focused webOS 1.1 feature updates should give it a bit more appeal to corporate types. And, you have to wonder if that “TBD” note for new applications with this release might have a business-centric appeal too.