WebIS DeepFish Will Let You Search iPhone Email Messages

Screenshot courtesy of WebIS

If you use a Windows Mobile smartphone, you have probably heard or even bought and used Pocket Informant from WebIS. If you are an iPhone user, you’ve probably never heard of WebIS, but you might be interested in a WebIS app just submitted to Apple’s iTunes App Store…

WebIS DeepFish

It wasn’t available in the store when I checked a few moments ago, but I expect that it will be there soon. If you have ever used iPhone’s email client, you are probably painfully aware of a big missing feature: Search. DeepFish lets you search messages in IMAP email accounts (but not POP3 presumably) on an iPhone. It can even search IMAP Sent and Deleted folders. It is unfortunate that the example uses a Gmail account in its example since Gmail’s iPhone friendly web interface provides email search.

DeepFish will be priced at $4.99. And, if it does what it says, I suspect it will have a very interested audience to pitch itself to.