Webcams on Facebook

Stickam LogoStickam, the webcam based social network (who is also apparently run by pornographers), has just launched their official Facebook application. While not as flexible as, the concept of putting your webcam on your Facebook profile seems pretty interesting. While it may stream 24/7 it won’t have the capacity to follow you around. This is definitely a great opportunity for Stickam to increase their user base by building a webcam network on Facebook. It’ll be interesting to see if this application is adopted by many users. One thing that is interesting to note is that the UStream application which was launched 4 days ago still has less than 100 users. I realized that UStream may not have the mass appeal that it soon will but under 100 users is pretty pathetic. It makes me wonder if many of these applications have come up with their application marketing strategy. It doesn’t seem like it. Oh well! If you want to show off on your profile in real-time, go check out the Stickam application.