Webby Awardz: From Biz Stone to Trent Reznor

Last night’s marathon Webby Awards featured what seemed like an endless stream of awards — while speeches were held to just five words (some media-related speeches after the jump).

Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers had the task of keeping the event moving, and the crowd entertained. “I love when old media praises new media,” he said. “It’s like when an old guy says how much he likes the tennis pro his wife is fucking.”

Meyers sprinkled in several Twitter references, including one about the guy who tweets as his cat (and has 600,000+ followers). “Just think: five years ago if you wanted to know what a guy thinks his cat is thinking you’d be an idiot,” said Meyers.

Later, he took a swipe at the new Microsoft (a sponsor of the event) search engine. “Bing, as in ‘Hey I just Googled Bing,” he said.

Before the event we talked to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, who has turned to his Twitter base of fans to raise money for a person in need of a heart transplant. He described how getting sober helped lead him to Twitter and social media charity work:

Click continued to see a selection of media acceptance speeches…

BBC: “Thank you from BBC News”

Boston Globe: “It’s not journalism that’s dying.”

The Economist: “Read a fucking newspaper…please.”

The Huffington Post (Arianna Huffington): “I didn’t kill newspapers…okay?”

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone: “Creativity is a renewable resource.”