Web Site Makes Money from ‘Idol’ Worst

bad singer clipart.jpgAnyone who’s ever watched the Fox phenom “American Idol” has probably wondered how some of the worst performers manage to get so far along in the competition. One of the biggest reasons is a guy named Dave Della Terza, the man behind VoteForTheWorst.com, the Web site that mocks the show by urging readers to vote for whoever they think is the worst, rather than the best, singer.

Not only does the campaign ring up lots of text-message revenue for AT&T, but, according to a New York Times article, last year Della Tarza saw some $40,000 in revenue from the site, largely due to Google Ads.

“Idol” producer FremantleMedia has tried to get the site shut down, including having sent three cease-and-desist letters, the Times reports.

Image credit: Clipart.com